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Rolls-Royce - Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprentice

Sep 2018 - Present

  • Rotating through placements within the IT and R2 Data Labs departments
  • Developing experience in roles including Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Software Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst and IT Consultant
  • Integrating into numerous teams and working alongside colleagues from a range of backgrounds
  • Getting involved with projects for many aspects of the company to build a well-rounded understanding of the importance of IT and Data services
  • Applying my on-the-job skills alongside formal university tuition to study towards a bachelors degree in Digital and Technology Solutions

Colwick Park Lifeguards - Lifeguard

Sep 2016 - Present

  • Responsible for ensuring the safety of lake users at a variety of festivals, open-water sites and pools
  • Providing emergency rescue and first aid through the use of lifesaving equipment and watercraft
  • Monitoring water conditions by taking temperature readings and water samples
  • Working cohesively with new teams and adapting to new challenges as they arise

Capital One - Work Experience


  • Spent time with a variety of software teams focusing on backend APIs, mobile and web development
  • Delivered an understanding of function and development of the PSD2 API, including a review of the codebase and testing frameworks
  • Took part in processes of the Agile methodology, such as stand-up and refinement meetings
  • Delivered a presentation about a personal project and A-Level coursework to the Director of department and software engineering staff
  • Invited to return for following visits to work with more teams and give follow up presentations


University of Exeter - BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions

September 2018 - Present

  • Formal university tuition as part of my Degree apprenticeship with Rolls-Royce

Chilwell Sixth Form - A-levels

  • Computer Science
  • English Literature
  • Psychology

As well as acheiving a grade B in each subject, I have also completed an Extended Project Qualification focused on the future of automation and computerisation in creative industries, and how it might impact on their economies and labour markets.



Participation in hackathons has allowed me to put my skills to the test in a computer science and software context, requiring spontaneous ideas and effective collaboration, upon which my goal-driven attitude thrives. Combining this with my ability to perform under pressure has made me adaptable to any environment.

Duke of Edinburgh

During the summer of 2015 I hiked 54 KM over three days as a member of a team in the Peak District, utilising teamwork and communication skills. This provided me with a platform from which to apply my talent for planning and problem-solving while fulfilling my love of hiking and the outdoors.


At a young age, I became involved in Scouting, and it has paved the way for the volunteering that I continue today. As a Scout leader, I am always keen to organise and deliver interesting and educational sessions to the younger people in the community, sharing my experience along the way. My volunteering extends to other charities too. I spent a week last summer working with the local charity Operation Orphan, preparing clothing and donations to be delivered to those in need.

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